Anirvan Ghosh, Vice President and Global Head of Neuroscience Discovery, Roche
Anirvan Ghosh

Anirvan Ghosh joined Roche in 2011 as Vice President and Global Head of Neuroscience Discovery. In this capacity he heads the Neuroscience research effort at Roche, from Target Identification to Entry into Human, with major programs in Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Neurodegenerative Diseases, and Psychiatric Disorders. He also oversees a large number of academic and non-academics collaborations that support the Neuroscience Discovery mission.
Anirvan’s research has been primarily directed at understanding the molecular biology of development and function of CNS synapses. He has made major contributions in the area of molecular control of neuronal development, and has published over 70 research articles in top tier journals including Nature, Science, Neuron, and Nature Neuroscience. Prior to joining Roche, he was Chair of Neurobiology and Stephen Kuffler Professor at UCSD.

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